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Social Afterlife protects your lost loved one online.

Losing a loved one is challenging. You have a lot on your plate. Don't leave your loved one's digital accounts at risk.

We ease your burden by handling your deceased loved one's digital profiles.

"My dad was on Facebook for 5 years after he passed before I found Social Afterlife. I wanted his account removed but I didn't know where to start. The process with Social Afterlife was easy for me." - Dana DeCarlo, Kansas

What will happen to your deceased loved one's digital profiles?

Identity Theft

Legacy social media is a primary target for hackers who will steal identities and clone accounts. 


2.5 million deceased people had their identity stolen in 2014. - www.AARP.com 

Risks of Legacy Social Media

Emotional Pain

Birthday reminders, work anniversaries, and Facebook memories can cause emotional pain.


You will constantly be reminded your loved one's social media will live on without them.

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